THE 2022 Scholarship WINNER IS…

Keon Thompson is a first-year student at Utah Valley University and accepted our challenge to tell us about his favorite place to be creative. Watch Keon’s submission video to hear how his part-time job (and a love of cookies) provides the space he needs to focus, learn from others, and focus on creating new ideas.

We recognize the importance of investing in our community

This future-focused mission is the driving force behind our desire to provide opportunities and advancements for current students and soon-to-be business professionals, tradesmen, educators, politicians and leaders. For this reason, we are proud to sponsor a privately-funded scholarship program to give a smart, creative and talented college student a helping hand.

2020 Scholarship Winner

Kylie Alonso

“I can picture it in my mind now, the exact spot of ground my friends and I sat at to eat our lunches in middle school. We used to play a game—every day—where we would auction off our lunch items to each other. It was exciting, seeing everyone pull their brown sacks out of their backpacks and wondering what was up for grabs that day. Every lunch looked the same from the outside, but we all knew that inside there were endless possibilities. In the spirit of Brown Bag Marketing, my marketing bag may look similar to others, but it’s not until you unpack it that you realize the individuality it holds.”


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