The Brown Bag Way

The workday may end, but our camaraderie never does

Bagger Swagger

Baggers come to our Atlanta marketing agency from all walks of life and professional backgrounds, so it’s easy to tell us apart. But it’s our shared values – not our differences – that make us stand out.

Full of Curiosity. Asks "Why?"

passionate about their work

Passionate about their work.

team first approach

Takes a team first approach.

want to grow and learn

Wants to grow and learn.

works hard plays hard

Works hard, plays hard.

The Grass is greener because we water it

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Bagger Benefits

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We offer:

  • 401(k) with Employer Matching
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Cell Phone/Internet Allowance
  • Health, Dental and Vision  Benefits
  • Short- and Long-term Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Generous Allotment of Paid Holidays
  • Paid Day Off to Volunteer
  • Paid Day Off for your Birthday
  • Free Parking
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave
  • Free Snacks and Beverages
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Dan Michaels, CEO

What’s in my bag?

“A laser focus on showing how Brown Bag Marketing can radically improve the future for our clients. And, if I’m honest, a bunch of really cool costumes that I picked up at Party City.”

Probably 50 percent of Baggers know Dan as the guy who went full Grinch for Halloween (his favorite holiday); the other half sees him in his everyday costume, Mr. Enthusiasm.

He’s here to make people’s work develop to its full potential, as fast as he can make that happen. He’s all about helping others grow. Not surprisingly, Dan doesn’t talk much about himself. He wants to talk about whomever he’s talking with. Hey, you could be next.

And if so, you should know he’ll bring unparalleled sales acumen to the conversation. Hold up: that doesn’t mean schmaltz. Turns out they don’t teach that at Emory’s Goizueta Business School, where Dan earned his MBA. Instead, whether he’s talking with a designer, a client, or a prospect, he’s always hunting for a way to take what they do and make it great. You will not find a more energetic, innovative cheerleader for your business’s success.

Put simply, the guy’s a human accelerator. Just don’t ask him to present to your Board on Halloween, unless they’re into gorilla suits.

Proudly Supports

Turning Point, a non-profit organization that improves the quality of life for women with breast cancer by providing, promoting and advocating specialized and evidence-based rehabilitation.

Laurie Michaels


What’s in my bag?

“Family photos, assorted lists (with 6 kids, there are lists of lists), and depending on the day, the family pup, Lotto.”

During Laurie’s career, she’s worked in virtually every operational capacity, from strategy to execution to marketing to training. She can plan, she can evaluate, she can write things, she can manage things and she can sell things. She’s taken what she’s experienced and used it to synthesize comprehensive insights into how operations work well: that means equipping people, establishing processes, and driving results.

Basically, Laurie is a can-do gal with a lot of heart. She looks at Brown Bag’s goals and applies her talents to making sure we have what we need to reach them. Call that role what you will: Driven Leader, Level-Headed Project Manager, Committed Quartermaster, or One-Woman-Optimization Machine. We’re just thankful she looks out for us and our clients.

So, really: how can she help you?

Jerry Lewis

SVP, Creative

What’s in my bag?

“A competitive nature is in my bag. I’m a very involved, hands-on kind of guy who would rather be an active participant than sit on the sidelines and watch. This is evident at my job. And it’s the experience I’ve gained by working with great people for many years.”

Working on multiple projects while being in several places at once may seem impossible, but not for Jerry Lewis. Although he’s never admitted to having been cloned, how else do you explain his ability to successfully lead a creative department, attend countless meetings, field thousands of emails, teach design classes and coach about a dozen different sports? Okay, we’re not sure how he does it either, we’re just glad he does. During his tenure as a Creative Director, Jerry has worked on big name clients like Pfizer, Allergan, Bridgestone Sports, Precept, Carvel Ice Cream, E-Z-GO, and Piccadilly Cafeteria to name a few. He has also received ShowSouth, Addys, CTAM Awards and has had his work featured in Communication Arts and PRINT.

One glance into Jerry’s office is all it takes to realize he’s a huge Gator fan, which makes sense considering he graduated from the University of Florida (which also helps explain his love of jean shorts and tank tops. Just kidding, he would never wear a tank top.) Jerry is also an esteemed graduate of the Portfolio Center where, as mentioned before, he teaches design. Outside of work, he is a devoted husband and dad as well as an amazing golfer.

Lindsey Lynes

SVP, Strategic Accounts

What’s in my bag?

“All the (cool) mom things, a quick laugh, an old school calculator, a professional book or two, and a stubborn refusal to fail.”

The only thing larger than Lindsey’s role at Brown Bag is the size of her heart. Coupling her enthusiasm with her deep concern for the people around her, she is a driving force that keeps Brown Bag moving successfully forward. As our VP of Strategic Accounts, Lindsey leads brand and business strategy for a portfolio of clients, as well as a team of marketing professionals. Aligning her client’s goals with the roadmap to get them there, she is focused on developing the right people and the appropriate solutions to ensure long-term success. Ever evolving and multi-dimensional, Lindsey leveraged her technical and business acumen to lead Vetlocity, a loyalty-based rebates and rewards start-up, and her passion for growing talent as the VP of People and Culture, before heading up her current team. With Brown Bag since the beginning, Lindsey combines her experience across marketing, HR, operations, and finance to bring the right mix of creative solutions to meet an organization’s needs.

When she isn’t guiding her clients or the next generation of professionals, Lindsey stays busy leading her two young children in many of the same things—positivity, showing up, and leading with grit and grace. Lindsey was born and raised in Georgia, but now enjoys calling coastal Connecticut home. She holds a BS in Marketing and Sales and a Certificate in Business Leadership from The University of Georgia and is SHRM certified.

Proudly Supports

Kids in Crisis, a non-profit organization in which trained Crisis Counselors help children and families cope with unsafe situations, family conflicts, substance abuse, mental health issues, school problems.

Max Ambrogio

Front-End Developer

What’s in my bag?

A Polaroid of my children (my two cats), a Dorito Locos Taco (for emergencies only), and a Gameboy Advanced (loaded with Pokemon Sapphire).

Determined and diligent, Max is always ready for a challenge. He constantly pushes the boundaries of what’s new and next in design by exploring all mediums of digital art. His degree in Creative Technology from the Creative Circus gave him the skills needed to easily crack the code and deliver stunning websites for his clients.

Max joins the Brown Bag team as a Front-End Developer. With extensive knowledge in a few different programming languages, Max creates impressive and unique websites as well as quality content in the digital space. In addition to websites, Max is well versed in videography, photography, 3D modeling, and motion graphics.

When Max is not writing code or rendering visuals, you can find him biking around Atlanta, checking out local farmers markets, or slowly losing his mind playing a variety of games on his PC.

Nicole Baird

Senior Developer

What’s in my bag?

“In my bag, I carry a fusion of marketing insight and coding expertise. As someone who loves a challenge and continuous learning, I’ve transitioned from Account Director to Web Developer. This journey allows me to bring a unique perspective to my projects. Alongside my professional tools, in my bag you’ll find my UGA fandom, a strong coffee and a picture of my rescue pup Kirby.”

Izzy Barrett

Senior Account Executive

What’s in my bag?

“A notebook, chocolate covered espresso beans, a book of jokes and the NY Times Best Seller magazine.”

If you’re looking for fierce enthusiasm with full attention to detail, you need Izzy. And with phrases like, “that’s Izztastic” or “let’s Izzify it” floating around the office, it’s clear she’s made a positive impression on all of us. As an Account Executive, Izzy’s skillset is golden. Day-to-day, she facilitates successful initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and delivery for her clients. She’s always open to a new challenge or helping her colleagues with a complex project. Izzy is sharp, eager to succeed and a compulsive over-deliverer. Prior to taking on her current role as Account Executive, Izzy led the sales team for an animal health start-up.

Outside of the office, Izzy enjoys staying active and playing in sports leagues, traveling and spending time with family.

Brandon Charlton

Senior Director, Digital Marketing

What’s in my bag?

“My phone, wallet, a protein bar – and probably a dog toy or two.”

As a Senior Account Supervisor, Brandon strives to hone his talents at the intersection of thoughtful strategy and creative solutions. The combination makes him a skilled client partner -and one of our favorite players at company game nights. He is a designer and strategist at heart, with client experience across several industries, including campaigns for Publix, The Home Depot, Michael Kors, Whole Foods and Disney.

There’s no question about it – this guy is sharp. Brandon was Valedictorian of his high school before going on to graduate top of his class from the University of Florida. Outside of work, Brandon enjoys working out, eating healthy, drinking margaritas and hanging out with his fiancé and two golden pups!

Jen Cole

Senior Designer

What’s in my bag?

“Sticky notes, colored markers and miniature succulents to inspire creativity.”

Jen’s love for color and creativity is apparent in every project she touches. We say, ‘shine on, wild woman!’ And after you experience Jen’s inquisitive and vibrant personality, we’re confident that you’ll feel the same. Jen is a Senior Designer on our creative team. She digests requirements and deliverables in a snap, likely due to her experience with creative agencies and teaching at the Creative Circus. Jen attended the University of Georgia and received her Bachelor’s in English and Women’s Studies, as well as the Creative Circus where she studied Graphic Design.

Outside of work, Jen likes to play tennis, watch anime and hone her amateur gardening skills.

Natalie Crighton

Digital Marketing Analyst

What’s in my bag?

“A good t-shirt, a dry sense of humor and an EpiPen (no bees, please)!” 

Say hello to Natalie, the digital marketing sensation at Brown Bag! This rising star burst onto the scene in Sack City, earning the coveted Rookie of the Year title. It didn’t take long for Natalie to skyrocket through the ranks, now serving as the ultimate go-to gal for all things marketing automation tools and digital media wizardry. She’s achieved multiple certifications, including Digital Marketing Specialist from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business. With her focus on continuous learning, her impressive track record and unbeatable work ethic, she’s the epitome of the “get things done” attitude!

Natalie is a proud UNC Charlotte alumna who took charge of The Helping Hand Project’s Charlotte chapter, where she used her skills in 3D printing to create prosthetic devices for deserving children. Before landing at Brown Bag, Natalie rocked the in-house marketing world, earning her stripes with HubSpot and WordPress.

But let’s not forget about the fun side of Natalie. When she’s not busy conquering the digital realm, you’ll find her indulging in life’s little pleasures. Flavored whiskey? Check. Sports fanatic? Absolutely. Nature lover? You bet. And don’t even get her started on her guilty pleasure of reality TV (Jersey Shore, anyone?). Oh, and did we mention she moonlights as the ultimate dog whisperer? That’s right, Natalie’s got it all.

When it comes to friendships, Natalie is as solid and loyal as they come. She cherishes her North Carolina roots and always makes time for family visits. In particular, her brother Jonathan is a perfect match for her quick wit and sarcasm.

So, buckle up and get ready to be wowed by Natalie’s awesomeness. She’s a force to be reckoned with in the digital marketing world, all while having a blast and leaving a positive impact wherever she goes!

Rachel Copelan

Manager, Social Media Strategy

What’s in my bag?

“My emotional-support water bottle (I can’t leave home without it), AirPods, coffee, and an extra pair of shoes – you never know where the day could take you!”

Rachel’s role at Brown Bag means she gets to help make the magic happen when it comes to our clients’ social media dreams and goals! She is the middle-woman between strategy and creative, communicating our clients’ vision while also striving to help them grow their accounts. As a graduate from the University of Georgia, Rachel has her background in Public Relations and has begun her post-graduate career in social media. Her eye for design and interest in content creation is what fuels her fire, and she can’t wait to see where her work at Brown Bag takes her!

When she’s not at work, you can find Rachel on a walk, scrolling through TikTok, trying a new coffee shop, watching/listening to anything true crime, or thrift shopping. She loves spending time with her friends and family and finds herself happiest when surrounded with the people she loves.

Jessie Deyo

Junior Designer

What’s in my bag?

Jessie’s bag always has at least 3 kinds of ChapStick, a strong passion for branding, and enough sarcasm to last a lifetime.

Spunky, energetic, and always ready for a challenge, Jessie’s job at Brown Bag is to create impactful visuals that embody style, creativity, and promote a unique user experience. Prior to Brown Bag she attended Georgia College & State University and worked as a Graphic Communications Consultant.

Outside of work, Jessie enjoys exploring new fun foods and cocktails with friends and family, binging the podcast “My Favorite Murder,” and watching Atlanta sports teams (obvi the dawgs as well).

Lainey Grace Frutiger

Account Coordinator

What’s in my bag?

“My bag is filled to the brim with a vanilla iced coffee, sunscreen, a hot pink water bottle, and a change of clothes just in case I spontaneously hit the tennis courts.”

As an Account Coordinator, Lainey Grace strives to exceed client goals with a smile.  Her attention to detail and eager attitude allows her to actively seek out ways to meet the needs of the team and clients.  Before Brown Bag, Lainey Grace graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Spanish. 

Outside of work, this Bulldawg is a self-proclaimed “jack of all trades.”  She loves shopping, all things outdoors, and even designs and sew some of her own clothing!

Sara Jane Garrigan

Account Coordinator

What’s in my bag?

“Chocolate, coffee, and a shoulder to lean on!”

Sara Jane’s role at Brown Bag as an Account Coordinator means she communicates every day with clients and is the middle (wo)man between the client and our internal teams. A Georgia College & State University graduate, Sara Jane’s experience in project coordination and Marketing education give her an edge in successfully juggling multiple priorities. Her Marketing background, combined with her interest in design & helping others is what pushes her to exceed client expectations.

When she’s not at work, you can find Sara Jane playing pickleball with her fiancé, going on the lake with her family, and spending time with her adorable 7 month old nephew!

Jessica Gorman


What’s in my bag?

“Creativity, a giddy passion for beautifully written prose and a pack of gum for fresh breath.”

Jessica makes her role as an Account Supervisor look easy. She’s a creative thinker, team player and always up for a new challenge. Before becoming a Bagger, Jessica was a writer and on-camera personality for NASCAR. She graduated from the University of Alabama where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations.

Outside of work, Jessica enjoys traveling, taking Pilates classes, cheering on the Alabama Crimson Tide, curling up with a good book or trying a new local restaurant.

Amari Harper

Account Coordinator

What’s in my bag?

“Not a lot… I only carry the essentials: Summer Friday’s lip gloss, AirPods, and sunscreen! SPF is a must.”

Truth be told, Amari didn’t choose marketing; marketing chose her. Born to two creatives – one strategic, the other artistic – creativity runs deep in her veins. With years of industry experience, she takes pride in her role as an Account Coordinator at Brown Bag, where she fosters and nurtures client relationships, turning dreams into realities.

Hailing from the great city of Houston, Texas, she found her way to Atlanta through her alma mater, Spelman College, the #1 Historically Black College in the world. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, she seamlessly merges her understanding of human behavior with her expertise in the buying and selling process of products and services. When she’s not working, Amari loves to explore the city of Atlanta! Her favorite hotspots are the Beltline and Piedmont Park. She loves being in nature on a hot, sunny day while listening to Beyoncé, Rihanna, or Frank Ocean, and eating an açaí bowl from Playa Bowl. Other than that, she can be found at home, watching hours of TikTok’s or spending an unnecessary amount of money on online shopping. She can’t help it!

Will Harrison

Senior Digital Content Producer

What’s in my bag?

“A leatherman multi-tool, too many dongles, my kindle, and a good camera.”

As our Senior Digital Content Producer, Will creates videos and other media to enhance the client vision, helping to create impactful stories that clients (and Brown Bag!) love to show off in their marketing campaigns. He has partnered with businesses and non-profits to tell their stories, and has has created award-winning documentaries featured in publications such as Outside Magazine. Will graduated from Florida State University’s critically-acclaimed College of Motion Picture Arts, where he majored in Live Action Film Production and Post-Production Coordination. 

When not behind a camera or editing, Will loves to be outside. He is a trail runner and ultra-marathoner (distances over 26.2mi), and loves to visit new places (mostly for the food and coffee!). 

Heather Higgins


What’s in my bag?

“My bag contains sunglasses, gum, a bright smile, and a “let’s do it now” attitude!  I love adventure, new discoveries, and great road trips.”  

My job working with the accounting team creates an opportunity to learn lots of new things- as I try hard to keep things balanced.  I’ll take on any new job or task, but I love a little help getting me started, and then my organizational, hard-work ethic and love of working with people take over.

Prior to Brown Bag Marketing, I have worked with both Ficek Electric and the Princeton Transfer Station in all areas of managerial accounting to include accounts payable, receivable, expense management, and month end closing.  Outside of work, I cherish family & friend time, weekend day trips anywhere, hiking, beach visits, and of course, college sports- Roll Tide!

Brooke Huber


What’s in my bag?

“My notebook, an obnoxious amount of colored pens, chapstick, Dunkin iced coffee, lots of cat hair (bag=bed according to Nella) and a can-do attitude ready to take on whatever comes my way!”

With a background in the real estate industry, Brooke is a proactive problem solver with a strong desire to learn and succeed. As an Account Coordinator, Brooke helps clients achieve their marketing goals with her forward-thinking mindset and organized approach. Brooke graduated from the University of West Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in mass communications with a concentration in public relations and a minor in marketing.

Outside of work, you can find Brooke going on weekend hikes, exploring Atlanta’s best foodie destinations, taking on new craft projects, wandering aimlessly through TJ Max and analyzing Taylor Swift’s entire discography.

Kirsten Humphreys

Director, Front End Development

What’s in my bag?

“A hard working, positive attitude with the uncanny ability to take whatever is thrown my way.”

A resourceful and astute problem solver, Kirsten has never met a challenge she couldn’t handle. As our Director of Front-End Development, Kirsten oversees all aspects of front-end development ensuring our interfaces are user-friendly and cutting-edge. She leads our front-end team, guiding project strategies and enhancing our development processes. No matter the task, if Kirsten’s on the job, it’s as good as done. Kirsten previously worked at Marc Jacobs and graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design.

Outside of work, Kirsten enjoys searching for her next favorite restaurant, exploring new cities and spending time with her nieces and nephews.

Jason Kimbell

Senior Director, Marketing Strategy

What’s in my bag?

In my bag, you’re going to find a bottle of hot sauce, an iPhone in dire need of a charge, and a couple of dry erase markers for our next brainstorming session.

I’ve gratefully spent my 20+ year career collaborating with super smart, agency creative types and just as smart client marketers across a range of industries. Strategy, brand, and business problem dissection are my professional passions. There is nothing better than helping a client find answers to the marketing and sales questions they’ve been asking for too long. Outside of work, you are either going to find me in the woods hiking or camping with my family or on Buford Highway looking for the next incredible, mouth-watering meal.

Dave Kuhn

Associate Creative Director

What’s in my bag?

“A trove of random references, movie quotes and impressions.”

As Associate Creative Director, Dave translates the strategic goals of each client and transforms them into thoughtful, clever and effective creative. Prior to joining Brown Bag, he worked on projects for well-known brand identities such as King of Pops, Clemson University, and notable spirit, beverage and industry clients. Dave also conceived and directed custom video content for Cox Automotive’s NASCAR driver teams and created award winning corporate design for Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta.

Outside of work, Dave enjoys traveling with his lovely wife, visiting coastlines, single malts, playing with his dogs, listening to vinyl records and seeing live music.

Olja Lakic

Senior Copywriter

What’s in my bag?

“An AP Stylebook, a coffee mug and probably an old receipt or two. All covered in cat hair.”

As a copywriter, Olja (pronounced “Ol-ya”) does more than, well, write copy. She takes time to understand each client’s brand, ideas and goals before weaving it all into a story that connects people to the things they care about. Before joining Brown Bag, she wrote for clients like Chick-fil-A, UnitedHealthcare, Edible Arrangements, Marcus by Goldman Sachs and Synovus.

When she’s not overanalyzing the placement of a comma, you can find her biking the streets of Atlanta, solving the New York Times crossword puzzle, and chatting it up with her feline friend, Luka. For the record, she runs everything she writes by him.

Robert Mashburn

Operations Manager

What’s in my bag?

“A novel, a spreadsheet and a cellphone overloaded with photos of the grandkids.”

Robert is a word guy who became a numbers guy, and he’s still not quite sure how that happened. But years of experience as a newspaper editor prepared him well for a new career in project management and business operations. Turns out those organizational and deadline skills were transferable after all.

His greatest professional satisfaction comes from collecting, sorting and sifting through data to find those key numbers that cut through the clutter, answer important questions, clarify confusing situations and illuminate a successful path forward for the business. He’s no Nietzsche, but he does believe it’s possible to bring order from chaos.

Outside of work, he and his wife enjoy travel, dining out, cooking in, wine, sports, gardening … and family. They have discovered the absolute truth in the saying, “The only thing in life that’s not overrated is being a grandparent.”

Jackson Michaels

Sales Team

What’s in my bag?

“You will find four different types of headphones, my Rubik’s cube, ChapStick, and 3 lucky pens.”

With marketing versatility and passion, Jackson is a valuable member of the Brown Bag Marketing sales team. With a razor-sharp mind and marketing depth achieved through his studies in business at Lehigh University, Jackson brings a dynamic blend of intellect and athleticism to the table. During his time at Lehigh, Jackson played Division 1 football and led the defensive line as #91 for the Mountain Hawks. Growing up in Georgia, Jackson proudly supports all Atlanta’s sports teams, cheering on the Hawks, Braves, Falcons, and United. Prior to joining Brown Bag, Jackson gained a global perspective through his experience at the esteemed finance and publishing company, EdiBeez in Milan, Italy. With Jackson’s ability to both work and play hard, he is sure to be a great addition to any client!

Katie Newton


What’s in my bag?

“My bag is full of PINK – with a pink notebook and a pink planner to write down due dates and events – including my next concert, which is always top of mind.” Her all-time favorite concert was seeing Dermot Kennedy for the first time in 2020. She waited a grueling 6 hours in line to see the “Outnumbered” star but says it was 110% worth it!

Katie comes to Brown Bag from Lander University where she played soccer and earned a B.S in Psychology with a minor in Human Services, blending a unique understanding of human behavior and a strong sense of teamwork. As a social media coordinator, she implements client strategies, listening to their goals to craft captivating digital narratives.

With her air pods always within reach, Katie loves getting lost in record stores, seeing what’s new at Target, and visiting various coffee shops around Atlanta. She loves to find new recipes to try, hanging out with friends, or volunteering with cats (she does the volunteering, not the cats).

Ashley Nix

Account Director

What’s in my bag?

“Gratitude journal, gum, calculator to determine result rates, and my phone loaded with social apps!”  

Since the days of AOL chat rooms and MySpace, Ashley’s fascination for the sense of community built through social media drives her passion for social strategy and engagement. That said, Ashley wants to help your brand nurture and grow your social community with support of insights and analytics that informs content strategy.

Long before Brown Bag, Ashley studied Television Production at The University of Florida and is a proud Gator grad, never missing a football game. She started her career at The Weather Channel which ignited her now passion for weather (tornado chasing is on her bucket list) and social media marketing as she Tweeted weather updates throughout her shift.

When Ashley’s not on social for her clients she’s engaging with her personal followers and probably sipping on a glass of red wine with a reality show on in the background.

Mark Pantsari

Senior Copywriter

What’s in my bag?

“Good pens, a Moleskine notebook, headphones, a quick wit and an uncanny knack for remembering lines from songs, movies & old Simpsons episodes.”

As a writer for Brown Bag Marketing, Mark creates the messaging, voice, tone and soul of our brands. He began his “professional” writing career in the early 2000s as a freelance rock and roll journalist. The experience taught him to hustle, craft a story, juggle multiple projects and that $50 an article is a tough way to make a living. To experience life above the poverty line, Mark transitioned to advertising and became a journeyman copywriter. He moved seven times in twelve years, writing for brands like Red Robin, Sun Chips, noosa yoghurt, The Tennessee Valley Authority, Naked Juice, Southwire, PAX and Georgia Pacific. 

Mark is a graduate of Clemson University and the Creative Circus. He loves traveling, trying new restaurants, and eating ice cream with his wife, acting silly with his dog-son Tuna, live music, collecting records, baking, college football, cussing on golf courses and binge-watching the next great TV series.

Tricia Peters

Senior Account Director

What’s in my bag?

“A planner to stay organized, coffee for unlimited energy, a positive attitude and a sense of humor to keep things light.”

As Director of Strategic Accounts, Tricia (“TP”) manages projects with a cool, calm demeanor. Her determination to help others shines in her projects and random needs around the office. And her resilience is commendable. Not only has Tricia been in the Brown Bag family more than 12 years, she’s held several different positions during her tenure. But that’s not because she’s indecisive – she’s a quick learner and eager to bridge the gap whenever necessary. Simply put, Tricia is a dream come true for our team and clients.

Tricia enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, pushing herself at boot camp, spending time outdoors and cheering on her favorite football team, the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Victoria Petrosky

Senior Designer

What’s in my bag?

“X-acto knife, quarters for the nearest pinball machine, and chicken red curry… doesn’t matter the time of day, I will devour it.”

Victoria’s goal at Brown Bag is to unveil new and surprising design solutions through hard work and happy accidents. She is a go-getter who loves doing creative deep dives. She takes critiques and runs with them, all while being her goofy and wildly supportive self. Victoria graduated from Emerson College where she received a bachelor’s in Theater Studies. She then went on to attend the Creative Circus with a focus in Graphic Design.

When Victoria is not designing, you can catch her in North Georgia hiking or relaxing at a winery. 

Erika Preston

Erika Preston

Account Director

What’s in my bag?

“Aquaphor, Ice Breakers mints, a can of LaCroix, a photo of my son (a kitty named Claude), and the near-constant urge to make a little joke.”

Erika, an Account Director and recent Atlanta resident, brings a unique and enjoyable touch to our team. As a University of Florida advertising graduate, she may not contribute much to football conversations around the office due to her team’s success (or lack thereof) and her personal disinterest (let’s keep that between us). Having worked at various agencies in NYC, Erika has partnered with exciting brands such as Pernod Ricard, L’Oreal, Keurig, Treasury Wine Estates, and more. She is a detail-oriented thinker who takes a keen interest in analytics, delivering thoughtful, strategic, and creative solutions. Away from work, you’ll likely find Erika exploring estate sales or farmers’ markets with an iced coffee in hand, baking and cooking elaborate meals for loved ones, or discovering new local restaurants and breweries.

Ellen Regan

Account manager

What’s in my bag?

“A book, coffee at all hours of the day, and pop-culture knowledge that no one asked for.”

As a Social Media Specialist, Ellen is all things social strategy. She coordinates our organic social accounts and is always thinking of creative ways to implement forward-thinking strategies. An Auburn University graduate, she studied Public Relations and Marketing and is constantly trying to further her knowledge! 

Outside of work, Ellen enjoys trying a new restaurant (specifically Italian), watching tv shows that will probably get cancelled, or grabbing a drink with a friend.


ACCOUNT manager

What’s in my bag?

“An hour-by-hour planner, Haribo Gummi Twin Snakes, a positive attitude and a list of new places to try in Atlanta”

As an Account Coordinator, Mary Claire works hard to exceed client goals. She brings creative and strategic ideas to the table, always looking for interesting and compelling ways to market new initiatives. Mary Claire loves to learn and it shows – She earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing with a minor in public relations from the University of Alabama, plus a master’s degree in marketing with a concentration in digital and social media.

Outside of work, you can find Mary Claire checking off her list of new Atlanta restaurants to try! When she is relaxing at home, she enjoys watercolor painting, drawing on her iPad and planning themed dinner parties with friends.

Khayla Robinson

Account manager

What’s in my bag?

“AirPods, a notebook, a Spotify playlist with motivating tunes to tackle the day…and most importantly coffee, to fuel the day.” 

As an account coordinator, Khayla works hard to support her clients and the team. Her ability to think on her toes and troubleshoot helps the team lead the day with solutions. Before Brown bag, this UGA Alumna continued her education at GSU by obtaining her Master’s in Marketing while gaining agency experience along the way. Khayla is always ready to learn and grow in marketing. 

Outside of work, you can find Khayla either at the park enjoying nature, shopping, or eating at a trending TikTok restaurant. On an especially chill day, you can find her watching all her favorite 90s films. 

Elizabeth Roos

senior Account Manager

What’s in my bag?

“My bag is filled with a pen of every of color, three different snack options, a small multi-use tool kit, a game of travel Yahtzee, and … oh wait … I had to take that out because my bag was over the weight limit! Needless to say, I’m ready for anything life throws at me.”

No two days look alike for Elizabeth. She wears many hats to support the client services team, and rumor has it, she can switch them out using only her mind, just like Eleven from Stranger Things. She honed her mental powers at Washington and Lee University with a bachelor’s in art history. Prior to Brown Bag, she worked as an intern for Camp Twin Lakes, a local non-profit, and Tribe Inc., an internal communications agency.

When Elizabeth’s not running around our Buckhead office, you can find her hitting the pavement for half marathons, hiking, hanging out with friends and family, or checking out the latest exhibit at the High Museum.

Maddie Rosenbaum

Graphic Designer

What’s in my bag?

“My bag is a black duffle, and over the weight limit. Filled with an outfit for every occasion and a planned color coded itinerary… My OCD travels with me everywhere.” 

Maddie’s role at Brown Bag Marketing is to create and produce content to be posted online, increase traffic to clients’ social media and appeal to target audiences. Creating posts, pages, and applications to attract consumers. Coworkers describe her as “the one with the color coded calendar” or “large iced coffee in hand”. After attending Mississippi State University, she moved to Atlanta to pursue her Graphic Design career.

Outside of work she usually is taking a nap, binge watching another season of Real Housewives, or cheering on her bulldogs with a cowbell in hand. 

Anastasia Sims

account manager

What’s in my bag?

“My croissant stress ball, a million sticky notes and an emergency Coke!”

Anastasia’s role at Brown Bag as an Account Coordinator means she is on the front line to help our team make clients dreams come true. As a University of Florida graduate, her background and education in journalism and social media strategy is an unlikely duo that creates incredible results. She knows how important the intersection of storytelling and marketing strategy can be and works hard to help clients achieve their desired goals!

When she’s not at work, you can find Anastasia building Lego sets, strolling weekend farmers markets around Atlanta, and trying her hand at crocheting.

Brandon Sisia

Senior Creative

What’s in my bag?

“I like to travel light and only stock up on the essentials. A MacBook computer, pair of headphones, a water bottle and my love of all things design.”

A young creative with an old-soul, Brandon comes to Brown Bag all the way from New York City where he attended Fordham University and graduated with a BA in Visual Arts. As a designer, he will be developing engaging design solutions while collaborating with our awesome team of creative Baggers.

Outside of business hours, you can find Brandon listening to various genres of music, learning to fish, or shooting hoops.

Spa dog

Hope spina

digital marketing analyst

What’s in my bag?

You can always find a hour-by-hour schedule, top-of-the-line ink pens, and a million sticky notes with random thoughts and ideas in her bag!

Hope is a proud graduate of Auburn University where she earned a B.A in Communication and a B.S in Marketing. She is currently working towards her Masters in Business Administration and is always looking for new things to learn. As a digital marketing analyst, she uses consumer data and research to optimize SEO tactics, run paid media campaigns, and provide the best digital strategy for her clients.

Outside of work you can find Hope exploring new places in Atlanta, attending a sporting event, or playing with her pup, Jasmine. She loves spending quality time with friends and is always down for a good competition (see you at kickball or Monday night trivia!)

Emily Wilbur

Front-end Developer

What’s in my bag?

“My Nintendo Switch, a big hair clip, a good book and sour candy.”

Emily is a strategic thinker and is always up for a challenge. As a Front-end developer, Emily is responsible for building world-class websites. She has a serious passion for creating things that live on the internet and diving head-first into new web technologies. Emily earned a certificate in Full-Stack Web Development from the Georgia Institute of Technology to add technical expertise to her Bachelor degree in Journalism & Mass Communication from Kent State University. This gives her the unique superpower of being creative both in writing and technology! 

Outside of work, Emily enjoys traveling, roaming a local farmer’s market and trying new restaurants.

Rob Williams

Lead Front End Engineer

What’s in my bag?

‘Everything . . . it’s a big bag!’

Although he describes his role as that of an Interactive Henchman, Rob is an affable curmudgeon whose role at Brown Bag is continuously expanding because he not only meets every challenge, he crushes them like an SEC team playing in the national championship. Before Brown Bag, Rob worked for Internet Gaming Inc., where he did UI design for online gaming. He also worked for Virtual Magic where he specialized in Web and Flash development. Rob has a degree from AIA in 3D Modeling and Animation and a degree from SPSU in Game Design and Development.

Outside of Brown Bag, Rob is into volleyball, old cars, and collecting lawn trolls.

Randall Wunder-smith

associate creative director

What’s in my bag?

“Empathy, honesty, a yearning for transformative truth and a sense of humor. Also: a terawatt-powered BS detector, which I self-apply regularly. Every creative needs one.”

Does Randall work at Brown Bag? Well, yes. But it’s more than that. Randall writes at Brown Bag. There’s a big difference – as big as the ideas he uses to propel our clients into brighter, more compelling stories for their businesses. And don’t let his penchant for wit and deadpan fool you. Randall’s a deep guy, ready to pour himself into understanding a client’s industry and build authentic connections with their customers, all with the right selection of the right words. It all started when he completed his BA and MA in English from Auburn University. He’s also got years under his belt as a retail grocery worker, even more time spent in college-level faculty development and a fair amount of freelance canoodling in web design.

When Randall’s not translating great ideas into impeccable copy, he’s got no shortage of hobbies and interests, including, but not limited to: tabletop gaming, speculative fiction, miniature painting, miscellaneous nerd culture, beer, etymology, Icelandic sagas, the intersection of secular humanism and mystical thinking, and relationships worth investing in. And cats. Lots of cats.

Molly Wyatt

Account Manager

What’s in my bag?

“Two leashes so my pugs can come too, headphones so I can half-listen to a podcast host babble in my ears, and a power drill so I can work on a DIY project that I am in no way qualified to perform.”

Molly joined Brown Bag as an account coordinator and is excited to jump aboard the marketing train! She is a creative collaborator who loves building client relationships that translate into deeper brand storytelling. In her past life as a brand publicist, she developed strategic communication campaigns for 10 Broadway shows, three major motion pictures, three live TV musical events, two national consumer product lines, an Off-Broadway theatre troupe, a national dance company, a record label and a national QSR brand; resulting in 12 Tony Awards, two Daytime Emmy Awards and one Grammy Award.

An Atlanta native, Molly returned to the south after five years working in New York City. She graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in public relations and religious studies, and Leadership Distinction in Community Service for completing over 1000 hours of community service through her college career. When Molly is not working, she loves to walk her dogs on the Beltline, try new restaurants (She is on a hunt to find the best mac and cheese in Atlanta), or be overly competitive at game night. More realistically, she can be found sitting on the porch doing a crossword or catching up on whatever prestige drama is on HBO.