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expand your social media through tiktok

Twitter uses text. Instagram and Facebook use pictures. YouTube uses video. TikTok uses it all and the clock is ticking or should we say “TikToking”…it’s time to expand your social media presence. TikTok is the go–to platform for entertaining content with the platform’s slogan being “make TikToks, not ads”. TikTok is the missing piece to the Social Media puzzle and its use of sound, video, and text allows for your business to be creative and catchy with your messaging. TikTok is the fastest growing platform, and data shows it becoming the most used platform with 90% of its users using the app daily. With Brown Bag, we can help widen your social media reach and continue to spread your messaging by adding TikTok to your social media arsenal.

use tiktok to tell your story

TikTok, with 689 million active users and growing, has become the most popular platform for creators to show off creativity, personality, and their stories. Using a complex algorithm that takes into consideration time spent on each video and engagement, TikTok feeds its users content that directly fits into likes and interests. This allows for videos to be hyper-targeted and appeal to a specific audience. Brown Bag Marketing can help you through an audience-led strategy that will focus on how to best tap into your target audience and begin driving leads to your site.

The amount of content millions of active users generate can seem daunting when thinking about how to capture the attention of your target audience. Using an array of features provided by TikTok, we can create the perfect campaign that can be posted on all platforms. TikTok has taken content to a new level with features and tricks on their platform such as transitions, effects, duets, and text all that will change how your audience watches your videos. Brown Bag Marketing can help generate ideas and produce video that will grab your audience’s attention.

Sound is just as important as video on TikTok, so choosing the right song to go along with your specific campaign is of high importance. At Brown Bag Marketing, we are well versed in analyzing popular trends and creatively coming up with ideas that complement the viral sounds of the app. With over 150,000 sounds in TikTok’s Sound Library, Brown Bag Marketing can help you select the perfect sound to combine to your video that will maximize engagement and draw leads to your site.

Helping businesses demystify tiktok

With TikTok rapidly evolving and changing with a plethora of trends flowing through it, it is often viewed as the unknown and uncertainty for businesses and their media team. We are here to help you understand the platform and use it to its maximum potential. TikTok is the fastest growing, and second most downloaded application and is rapidly evolving. With trends coming and going, TikTok is difficult to stay up to date with, but we are experienced in analyzing trends to ensure your video will follow the current trends on the app. TikTok is a great addition to an array of social media platforms, and with the platform gaining popularity, it is important to hop on the “TikTok bus” before it’s too late.

Broadcast your brand through paid media on tiktok

Have an allocated budget for paid media spend and are unsure about what platform will properly generate leads and conversions? TikTok allows creators to hyper-localize and strategically plan ads that will increase visits and conversions by targeting your specific audience. At Brown Bag, we are well versed with paid advertising and can help you appear on the pages of your audience and begin driving higher-quality traffic directly to your site.

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