Slingshot Product Development Group

Having historically only used their existing network to generate new leads, Slingshot Product Development Group needed to reach new potential customers, and build trust within initial first impressions digitally. We created a robust social content plan to increase brand awareness and generate new leads utilizing AI-powered consumer data and intelligence. We developed personas and created key pillars of content to address their audience of science and technology professionals, tapping into their top psychological drivers and personal values to identify their interests, needs, and challenges. Slingshot’s online presence has not only increased their following, but also significantly increased their leads overall.

Increase in brand awareness by audience size
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Increase in website traffic
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Increase in more qualified opportunities through leads
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Increase in annual revenue
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“Our website traffic went up 20% last quarter after initiating a social media campaign with Brown Bag Marketing. Using our great people and super innovation space really allowed us to express ourselves and have fun. Great job, BBM!”

– Peter Shipp, Vice President of Innovation

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