Why your About Us page should be saying, “Why Us”

Let’s talk about the About Us page. Organizations typically use this page to tell the history of the company, to provide information on the founders, and to share how it got started. This is standard practice – but is it best practice? Simply checking the box on this page may be putting you at a disadvantage to compete.

Consider this: an estimated 52 percent** of website visitors head for the About / Company Information page after a homepage visit. It’s their first click on your website – and it’s a meaningful one. They’re looking to get an impression of who you are, a glimpse into your culture and a sense of what makes you unique: they want to know your value proposition. Ultimately, this may inform their decision to choose you over your competitors.

This means you better pay attention to it. It could be one of your strongest tactical moves in communicating your value prop – and it may very well be the deciding factor in your ability to form new partnerships.

A winning blend

Incorporating your value prop into your About Us page doesn’t mean removing your company’s history. That’s important. People want to know where you came from and how you evolved into the company you are today. 

Rather, your goal should be to weave the two together, piquing interest and boosting the confidence of someone evaluating your company for partnership. Here’s how to create that perfect blend:

Make it authentic. Think about what your company values, what makes it special – and then infuse all that into your About Us page. A special note to anyone on the professional services side: if you are the value in your value prop, are you communicating that? If you are a core element of your brand’s offering, you have an amazing chance to bring your voice, personality and credentials to the About Us page.

Make it visually appealing. Our eyes tend to glaze over when we see stacked paragraphs on a company website. Make it pop! Include visuals that illustrate your business model, draw attention to important statistics by animating your data points, or create a timeline that visually showcases your company’s history. Don’t just tell readers who you are; show them. Make it so good-looking that it’s the one link your sales team would include in their emails.

Make it timely. Visitors can tell when an About Us page hasn’t been updated in years. Is there a gap between what this page and your in-market ad media are saying? Have you expanded your core offering or added a vertical focus? Has your brand purpose evolved? If so, it’s time to refresh your About Us page. Then, adopt a regular cadence and review this page consistently to ensure your content is up-to-date – and that you’re addressing what’s current. Your company will resonate more with readers when your About Us page feels relevant to a potential partner’s situation.

Getting started

In many cases, your About Us page is the second impression of your brand to a potential client or partner. So, no pressure – but make it count! Your value prop is the core of who you are as an organization; why shouldn’t it be a focal point on the About Us page?

If you’re dealing with a case of writer’s block when it comes to your About Us page, give Brown Bag Marketing a call. We’ve got a team of writers, strategists and creative thinkers who can transform your About Us page into a true sales tool for your organization.

** Source: Huff Industrial Marketing/KoMarketing/Buyerzone