What’s It Like To Get “BAGGED”?

Brown Bag WINtern Emilie Norton shared some thoughts about her BAGGED experience working with the Brown Bag team during the summer of 2012. Emilie is a senior at the Georgia Institute of Technology where she studies Marketing and Information Technology.

What was your favorite project at the Bag?

I have had several internships (okay – more than several) but my experience at the Bag was more than I could have ever imagined. I was given the opportunity to project manage and have real responsibility in a digital research project. I was able to work hands on with some of the contractors and participate first hand in the research as well as the presentation to the client.

What was a typical day like for you?

A typical day would be being able to sit in on meetings. I was able to work closely across disciplines and with the AT&T folk. I will say I was ALWAYS busy and that is a good thing. No coffee runs here, however there is the occasional trip to Tower for the beer runs!

What was the proudest moment of your Bag experience?

The moment after the AT&T research project presentation. I could breathe!

What makes the Bag the best place to intern?

The Bag is different…you are able to learn so much from your peers. Everyone is willing to teach you something, and you are given responsibility and real experience.

How has your Bag intern experience helped you in your post-internship life?

People look at my resume, and ask if I really did all of these things. When I explain in full detail they are blown away. They want to know why I was able to gain so much real experience in so little time, my answer is always that I had great examples and great mentors.

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