What do employees think of Coding 101 at The Bag?

We launched a new program at The Bag this summer called Coding 101. The purpose of the ongoing weekly series is to instruct and foster growth in the basics of web and app development for employees outside of our Dev team. So when your audience is largely made up of busy agency professionals, you have to make it fun and check in with them on the value. Check out what a few veteran Coding 101-ers say about their experiences:

Robert Francis_Robert Francis, Project Manager
Initial Thoughts of Coding 101?
 I came into the class with a basic understanding of HTML and CSS from previous experience, but Evan (Developer) and Mike (Director of Development) dove into further detail and made the material that they were teaching easy to understand.

How does Coding 101 affect your position at Brown Bag as a Project Manager?
The coding 101 classes have been a great insight into the architecture of how websites are built out.

Best Takeaways?
Our Devs are great teachers once you pull them away from their headphones and screens!

Amanda M HeadshotAmanda Marciano, Account Executive
Initial Thoughts of Coding 101?
It’s valuable to understand what other departments do and the amount of work that goes into different tasks. In order to better sell products/services, I need to know everything inside and out.

How does Coding 101 affect your position at Brown Bag as an Account Executive?
It allows me to meet other members of the team and understand their individual roles. It also allows me to understand the estimates that the project managers give me better.

Key Takeaways?
I have a better understanding of what needs to happen when the clients ask for “a small tweak”. Since I’m learning the coding lingo, I can have a better conversation with the client and let them know what small tweak requires. The client respects that I actually understand what needs to happen versus just repeating something back that I heard and do not really understand.

Taylor_01Taylor Cornelius, Jr. UX Architect
Initial Thoughts of Coding 101?
I began learning front end development languages on my own before Coding 101 started. As marketers, Coding 101 is a great opportunity to learn some invaluable skills. 

How does Coding 101 affect your position at Brown Bag as a UX Architect?
In my role as a Junior Information Architect I must be cognizant of how elements in my designs scale from mobile to desktop environments. Knowing how HTML, CSS and Javascript work together also helps me when I’m designing so that I know they are feasible to execute by our developers. Communication with the development team is much easier when I can understand the terminology they use and speak to it.

Key Takeaways?
Coding 101 even helps me on my after-hours research and tech tinkerings – if I am stumped by something, it’s great to have access to the experts. In a few instances I was able to teach some basics to others as well which only reaffirmed my knowledge.

As you can see, errrrybody loves Coding 101!

This program continues to be one of our most popular employee benefits and we can’t wait to see how it evolves in 2016 as our little Baggers get smarter. As a marketer, how are your coding skills? Care to join us at Coding 101?