Top 6 blogging (and dating) blunders. Happy Valentines Day!

It’s no surprise that we love blogging at The Bag. But there’s a thin line between a good blogging effort and a lazy one. In honor of Valentines Day, we’re asking this question, dear readers: How do the same wrong moves in the dating field play out in the blogosphere?


Top 6 blogging (and dating) blunders:

  1. You’ve got all the right pick-up lines, but don’t really know who to go after…
    If you don’t know who your audience is, how can you get them to notice you? Chattering about without hopes of attracting a CERTAIN someone is a waste of your time. Have a specific target market in mind so that you know who you’re talking to and how you should be talking to them.
  2. You’re really cutting a rug  – but will they even notice?
    Why should they? What can you give them that they can’t get anywhere else? Make sure you create valuable content that the reader is really looking to find. If you’re solving their problem, answering their question, or educating them, they might just come back for more.
  3. You finally scored a date – but are they picking up what you’re putting down?
    You can’t fake it when the audience is finally on your site and reading. Can they understand your terminology and humor? Keep it clear, original, and interesting. If it’s not something you’d personally want to read don’t publish it.
  4. You’re afraid to ask for a 2nd date.
    How will you know if the audience is interested in joining you for another read unless you ask? Make your blog an endless cycle of interesting content. Put “calls to action” in your blogs and be clear about what you have to offer. You’ll find yourself scoring more clicks.
  5. You have performance anxiety. Boo.
    Dig deep into your past, and current, performance. Find out what peaked the audience’s interest and keep dishing it. Identify what blogs are performing well and why. This will help you build your following and leverage popular subjects to segway into topics that support business initiatives.
  6. You thought you were special  – and then…
    You found your audience reading another blog. There’s no shame in that. In fact, creating strategic alliances with similar blogs can boost your SEO and help you reach audiences that you may not normally come in contact with. Use every opportunity that you can to cross-post, and cross link, on different sites.  

Follow these best practices and you and your blog (and who knows, maybe your love life as well!) will be in tip top shape. Happy Valentines Day and Happy Blogging!