The Real Super Bowl LIII Stars: Our Favorite Ads

You may say last night’s performance was a snoozer.  Well, however you fall on the “How Many Rings Can Tom Brady Wear” debate, you have to agree that 1. Atlanta SHINED as a host and 2. there’s always a :30 spot to bring you a laugh or a tear. And at over $5 million a pop, I hope there were more laughs and tears than jeers.  At our agency, it’s hard not to be a critic of the ultimate advertising display also known as the #AdBowl. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Best brand collab: Bud Light and HBO Game of Thrones. A natural fit with the Bud Knight’s medieval styling, This is how you leverage a huge GOT fan base. Yes, I’m counting the days.

Best unexpected laugh: Audi’s electric car tease a.k.a. known as the cashew incident:

Best reminder of our shared humanity: Microsoft’s We All Win. And you won Microsoft, you won:

I look forward to hearing “the buzz” in our community this week about how well these ads performed. Which ads were your personal favorites (or failures)?

feature image credit: ticketmaster