The Millennial Mom: A Potential Brand Ambassador?

Nielsen recently released an infographic titled The Digital Lives of American Moms, and the headline immediately caught my attention. The chart points out some amazing statistics, such as moms are 38% more likely to follow a brand online, and one in three bloggers are moms. That’s right – one third of all bloggers are mothers.


Infographic courtesy of Nielsen Wire


This points to the growing trend of digitally connected moms, and proves that – despite their often hectic lives – moms make online activity a priority in their daily routine. I know this all too well.


Before we had kids, my wife swore she’d never blog. She was a high school English teacher who said she didn’t have the time or energy to keep up with a blog. Now, two kids later, she’s an active mommy blogger continually interacting with her peers and her favorite brands through blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, you name it . . .


So, the question is – what is your brand’s strategy for connecting with moms? This demographic has proven to be increasingly mobile, socially connected, and fiercely loyal. And, while mothers may not be part of your target audience set, you may be surprised to find that they can be some of your brand’s most devoted ambassadors.


But before you think you have all the bases covered, consider this recent statistic from Meredith’s Parents Network, the leading parenthood media portfolio.


Remember, you never know where your point of engagement might occur!