The future of mobile payments, today.

Last week marked the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future. I remember when I first saw it. I actually believed that in 2015 we’d have hover boards, video phones and flying cars. To my elementary school self, it all seemed possible, if a bit far-fetched.

And a phone or watch that allowed you to do everything from monitoring your heart rate to paying for dinner, well, that could have easily been a Dr. Emmett Brown invention. So when I attended last week’s TAG Mobile Payment panel discussion, hosted by our client and friend Laurens Eckelboom of Parkmobile, I got a real glimpse into the future of technology, available today.


No, I’m not hover-boarding to the grocery store.  And my car doesn’t drive itself to work (yet). In reality, like many others, I use mobile payments where it is practical and sensible. Like my movie app to buy tickets to Star Wars while sitting at my desk. Avoid lines and save time? Yes, please! Or in a restaurant splitting the dinner bill with friends through Venmo. Or at the store paying for my parking spot via the indispensible Parkmobile app.

That’s my “today” of mobile payments. What’s your mobile payment action these days? Got a favorite payment method or circumstance?