The end of (my) Facebook stalking?

If you haven’t heard already, last week Facebook announced an update they made to groups. Now when you post in a group you are able to see who all in that group saw your post. The goal is to stay updated on the group activity. Say, for example, you have a group for your soccer team and write a post about changing the time of practice for the week, now you will be able to see who all saw the change, helpful right?

For now this change is only effective in Facebook’s groups, but it could cross over to other areas of the site in the future. Just think about it: iMessage and Facebook messenger already let you know if the recipient has seen or received your message. Is transparency the new trend? We can assume that Pages are next because we are told the number of people who saw each post. My questions is, will this ever cross over to my personal page?

I am not sure if I am completely okay with this new trend. As a marketer I think it is a brilliant tool; but as a self-proclaimed Facebook stalker, I don’t want people knowing what I have seen. What do you think – too cool, or too creepy?