The Brief Wondrous Life of a Busy Marketer

In honor of summer, dear readers, I’m going to slow it down for a sec and talk about – wait for it – balance! As busy marketing professionals, we all think about “work/life balance” and how to achieve more of it. Smart lab coat folks tell us we are more productive and smarter in our busy times when we’ve gotten rest and inspiration in our not so busy times.

So, yesterday, the miracle happened. I was faced with a few hours of spare time. I didn’t have the pressure of a looming deadline. I didn’t have to be in a meeting. I didn’t have a client lunch to attend. I didn’t have an internal brainstorm, and I had already updated the necessary documents for a meeting. I responded to every email I’d received in less than two minutes. I’d offered to use my free time to assist colleagues. I walked across the street to pick up lunch. Enjoyed a chat as I ate with a fellow co-worker. Caught up with a favorite marketer’s blog posts. And I even took a quick spin around the internet to assess the housing market (because I might – just might – put my house up for sale).


Photography by Jackelyn Lynam

I don’t know what you know about Brown Bag, but let me assure you, this is rare.

So here’s my plan when this happens: Enjoy it while you can. I sure did.

Tomorrow starts the beginning of an exciting new project. Thursday I’ll be lucky if I see daylight. And by Friday I’ll be jumping through hoops with my hair ablaze trying to make it all happen so that clients know nothing but the good stuff. Friday afternoon I’ll join my co-workers in a beer to toast yet another successful week and no one will ever know that Monday things were a little light, and the end result? This little blog post.

What about your “miracle” down-times? How do you like to spend them and did it help you take on the rest of your week with renewed energy?