The Book Bag Pick #3: ‘Professionalism in Flip Flops’

This Week’s Pick:Professionalism in Flip Flops” by Ryan Kulp

Book Bagger: Phu Xuan Le, Account Coordinator

Photography by Jackelyn Lynam

Why did you pick this book?

This book is a very easy read and allows individuals to recognize the importance of decision making in any given situation.

Give us a quick plot summary:

The authors lay out a straight forward step-by-step process throughout the book that allows individuals to determine the best way to approach the simplest to most complex life decisions. Whether business or personal, the process that is presented creates a set of techniques to assess your options more clearly and effectively. From determining your objectives, identifying alternatives, and looking for risks, this book will have you rethinking the way that you approach your everyday problem situations so that your decisions will reflect your end goals and ultimately allow individuals to make smarter choices.