Must-Have Qualities and Tools for Great Technical Project Management

Our Technical Project Management team has a working knowledge of just about everything that falls under the digital umbrella. The range is broad and commonly includes: apps, SEO, analytics, UX, email campaign strategy, and quality assurance. Our Tech PMs are also our go-to source for industry news, like the latest features of iOS 11 or Google’s latest search engine updates. But what tools and practices help keep our Tech PMs on track?

Moving the Ship Forward
As an agile agency, every morning our teams have stand-ups to review what they completed the day before, what they will work on that day, and if they have any obstacles. Afterwards, roadblocks are addressed, deployments are planned, and schedules are checked for both internal and client reviews that week.

technical project management

Tracking, Testing and Implementing Solutions
Our teams use Workamajig, a project management tool. Once the project is underway, we use JIRA to note feature requirements and track project progress throughout the development lifecycle.

For cross-browser/platform testing, we use BrowserStack which allows us to quickly test the compatibility of the user interface across browsers. Once our team has a build, we create or update automated test scripts in Test Studio. This allows us to start the test, grab some coffee, and have a report that tells us if the test passed or failed.

Once a project is ready to go live, we host deployment planning meetings to discuss launch details. These meetings ensure we do not miss any minor details during launches.

Sharing Great Work
Brown Bag has several initiatives to keep every team member informed on the great work that our teams are producing. Our “Showcase” Slack channel provides a way for each employee to see final work. The Dev team also hosts a monthly “Ask a Geek” session and invites each employee to ask questions. These sessions help our Baggers think big and connect their clients’ business needs to a solution Brown Bag can build.

technical project management

Ever wonder how something is built? Do you have a question you want to ask our Technical PMs?