Snapping into SnapChat Spectacles and Survey Results

As most of you know, SnapChat Spectacles are Bluetooth-enabled sunglasses featuring a built-in camera that takes up to three 10 second videos at a time. The video(s) upload to your SnapChat account and are stored until you send it to your story or a selected group of friends!

snapchat spectacles
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We published a poll on Twitter asking our followers what types of brands they see using the Spectacles to create user generated content. 57% of voters thought that heath and beauty brands would benefit the most from the Spectacles. L’Oréal Paris gave viewers an inside look into the Golden Globes by having celebrity artists where Snapchat Spectacles to stream behind-the-scenes content.

Snapchat serves as a proven tool to engage audiences.”
Kristen Comings, VP of Integrated Consumer Communications at L’Oréal Paris

The use of the SnapChat Spectacles is going far beyond health and beauty brands, and we can only imagine that the quality and type of content being generated will continue to improve.

How we predict it will be used in marketing:

  1. User-generated content
  2. Behind-the-scenes content
  3. Influencer marketing

Check out the video of us trying to connect the Spectacles to our SnapChat account when we first got them. Don’t you love it? And don’t forget to follow us on  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, InstagramYouTube and of course SnapChat @BrownBagMktg!

Have you tried out SnapChat Spectacles? What are ways you see brands using them to engage?