Why Sales Enablement Should Matter to Marketers

At Brown Bag Marketing, we work hard to create stories that resonate with our client’s prospects. Whether helping our clients create a compelling value proposition or a brochure to arm their sales team with factual information, we dive in and shape information to encourage interaction and drive sales.

We have smart and talented designers, writers, and marketers who serve as your behind-the-scenes team to get stuff done.

But for some clients, when the project is complete and the high fives are over, the newly created sales tool may fall to the wayside, as the sales team struggles to adopt the new value proposition and talking points. As marketers, it is tempting to blame the sales department. After all, marketing provided thought leadership and top-notch sales tools. Can they offer additional help?

Yes, quite a bit. At Brown Bag Marketing, we have found that providing sales learning and development in conjunction with large marketing initiatives is the key to driving thought leadership, employee adoption and, ultimately, sales.

Marketing teams must go beyond the creation and distribution of sales materials and create learning environments that foster opportunities to learn, synthesize and apply new concepts.

At Brown Bag Marketing, we offer learning and development in tandem with our marketing services. We can work with your existing training team or serve as your outsourced training department. As your marketing partner, we are keenly aware of the nuances, purpose and goals of your marketing efforts, positioning us as experts in sharing that message with your sales department. We will conduct a needs analysis, then design and create custom training content to address the needs. Finally, we will deliver interactive sessions online or in the classroom to ensure every employee can internalize the new content and message.

Is your marketing department providing relevant training to support your initiatives? If not, maybe it is time to take a closer look at Brown Bag Marketing. Call us today to learn more!