Out Tri: App of the Week

Our app recommendation this week is Out Tri – a super helpful app for anyone training for and participating in a triathlon, marathon or other racing event. And we’re keeping this one close to home. The app was developed by a member of the Brown Bag Marketing development team. How cool is that? When I have either a “right-on” or a “really?” moment, all I have to do is walk to his desk and feedback away.



It has 6 key sections: events list, training log, checklist, calculator, GPS tracker and a timer. The GPS tracker has been great for my rides since I haven’t splurged for an on-bike system and I tend to guesstimate my mileage and route. Now I can easily track my distance, time and current speed, even while taking a phone call or using other apps (not advised).


I know my tri-mates @smdelaney and @inlamansterms could use this tool. My next one is May 6, so I’ll be seriously road-testing this app further over the next 2 weeks. Why don’t you give it a tri!!! (ha ha I am hilarious) and as always let me know what you think.