It’s back! Summer blog reading list: Week one

Summer Book Bag 2014 (Week 1)_original

It’s that time of year again! Time to build a bigger, better, badass Bagger book list! But, in our busy, bustling world of duties, deadlines (and digital distractions), we don’t always have time to settle down with an old-school novel. Therefore, this year, we’ve put a spin on our summer reading list and want to share with you some of our favorite blogs!

For the next few weeks, check back with us as we share some of our favorite industry-related, lifestyle and wellness, and even some of our foodie fanaticisms.


This week’s top 3 blogs include:


Title of the Blog: {grow} by Mark Schaefer & other contributors


BBM Employee: Shay Strode

Summary/Why Recommending:

“This blog is about best practices in the digital marketing space, with a focus on social media. I am recommending it because I trust that Mark Schaefer is taking a very human and honest approach to marketing and social media, and I don’t think we can say the same for the gazillion other blogs in this topical area.  I enjoy reading {grow} because our agency is good friends with the person behind it. In this time of digital personas, we love to have a personal connection. So, if you are looking to grow your business, read {grow} while partnering with Brown Bag ;)”

Favorite Post: Content Shock: Why content marketing is not a sustainable strategy


Title of the Blog: Tiny Buddha by Various Authors

tiny buddha

BBM Employee: Jessy DiMauro

Summary/Why Recommending:

“Tiny Buddha is all about sharing wisdom about love and relationships. Reading these blogs has allowed for me to adapt a new, optimistic perspective during some difficult times! I love reading their posts when I’m feeling stuck and need to get out of my own head. It’s my hope that someone else will read something on Tiny Buddha that will inspire them too. To sum it up, this blog is definitely just simple wisdom for our very complex lives.”

Favorite Post: Relationships


About the Blog: Thug Kitchen by Dr. Thug

thug kitchen

BBM Employee: Pauline Pellicer

Summary/Why Recommending:

“This blog is probably a little inappropriate but definitely helps provide vegans with great recipes. PARENTAL GUIDANCE  SUGGESTED. Thug Kitchen is a gangsta vegan food blog that allows you to enjoy eating healthy (for once) with the addition of an explicit comical side. I found this blog through a friend who is borderline gangster and a vegan. Dr. Thug is the author and has gained some real popularity with chefs and celebs with his down-to-earth language and honesty. He has a good cause behind his blog, you just have to embrace his profanity. A smile and a laugh plus eating right? That’s healthy on healthy on healthy.”

Favorite Post(s): Lavender Lemonade, Black Bean & Cilantro Pesto Wrap