Inbound marketing today [INFOGRAPHIC, WE HEART CHA]

We all love infographics. But to come across one that captures a broad spectrum of what we do as marketers – both for us at Brown Bag professionally and for me personally having grown up in the high-tech marcomms world – is so relevant and very appropriate as the first post for this blog site.

I first learned what the term “inbound marketing” meant in 1992. I had to; it was on the job description of my first job. Back then it was all about high-value content. Fast forward to now? The same. It might look different, but it’s still all about driving awareness, capturing leads and nurturing loyalty.

You can attribute the fantastic accessibility and ROI of inbound marketing today in large part to social media, search and mobile. Users are in control, picking and choosing what they want to consume on the big wide web. At Brown Bag we work with clients on their content marketing programs – creating “digital value nuggets” that get shared throughout networks and act as beacons back to a deeper brand experience.

So folks, get nostalgic with me. How has your inbound marketing evolved over the years? Are you cranking out “digital value nuggets” to earn your market?

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