Google’s RankBrain: Connecting Complex to Relevant

That Google.  Always trying to provide more relevant search results for the people. And with machine-learning artificial intelligence taking a prominent role in today’s technology, Google is making the Web an easier, better place to search.

Google is complicated. Their search algorithm incorporates various diverse functions all tied together under the title ‘Hummingbird.’ One algorithm already used globally is ‘RankBrain’. To put it simply, RankBrain is a ranking signal that will ‘learn’ how to improve the sorting of search results by interpreting consumers’ patterns over time.

what does rank brain do
Stone Temple Consulting, 2016

Why does RankBrain matter?
RankBrain’s artificial intelligence (AI) ranking will shift the marketing search strategy towards identifying the end goal instead of focusing on specific keywords. Considering the focus on keywords over the last decade, this new function will push marketers outside of their keyword-padded comfort zones and force them to consider what the consumers actually want.

This means content should answer the questions of the target audience and not just function as an SEO tool. RankBrain’s ability to interpret search terms allows for web developers and digital marketers to use natural verbiage while achieving marketing goals.

How will RankBrain change how you find information?
1. Voice Search. With voice searches growing 7 fold since 2010, RankBrain grants a competitive edge to provide answers for AI assistants such as Siri, Cortana and Alexa. Nearly 70% of Google Assistant’s requests are natural / conversational language which RankBrain learns as more searches are performed.

Google Assistant and RankBrain
Image from the Google Blog

2. Image Search. From Google to Pinterest to Snapchat, companies are developing their visual tools to benefit consumers and advertisers. This will lead to taking pictures to find out when a store is open or how many stars a restaurant has.

RankBrain image shirt
Image from Digital Trends

3. Content Marketing. Focused content and overall quality in online sites are the keys to better SEO results in the age of RankBrain.

RankBrain Content Marketing
Image from Search Engine Land

Like any piece of Google technology, it will evolve over time and improve in relevance. For now, we are excited to see the world of searching get smarter and more intelligent. What do you think? Will RankBrain have a significant impact on SEO? Or is it just another update in the ever-evolving tech world?