Google’s Nest brings us closer to the Internet of Everything

I can’t stop thinking about Google’s acquisition of Nest for 3.2 BILLION.


I love Nest and am glad for them to have such a great a backer. Google made an early move into wearables with Google Glass and now are focusing on hardware. It’s like the runway for smart phones to get any smarter and for devices to get any slicker (although I wouldn’t say no to a huge curved TV in my pretend media-viewing room) is decreasing. Instead, we are seeing the rush to put the Internet in everything else. Wearable Tech. Smart Appliances. The elusive iWatch.

“The future of hardware isn’t better versions of the same standalone tech. It’s what you can create when you take all the smarts of the smartphone and build them into everything else.” Marcus Wohlsen

We’ve been talking about “The Internet of Things” for a while now, a world in which everything from household gadgets to cars, pets and baby clothes are connected wirelessly to the Internet, and Google’s purchase of Nest shows just how rapidly that world is emerging.

My friends that use Nest love it. Personally, I am on board with more Internet connectivity where it improves quality of life. I’m hoping to check out Aura to see what really goes on when I am sleeping!

What about you? Fancy texting your washing machine, checking your crockpot from work or letting your car parallel park itself? I’d love to know!