From SPARK to Swipe: Bridging the Gap Between Successful Brand Positioning and Online Dating

At Brown Bag Marketing we need to know your brand before we can act (or execute marketing efforts and campaigns that meet your brand goals). That is why we have created SPARK sessions—a comprehensive half to full-day workshop for new clients. This immersive experience delves deep into brand positioning strategy and discovering your brand identity, goals, target audience, and preferred brand voice. Armed with this understanding, our team can then develop a brand positioning statement, a tailored marketing strategy, suggest tactics, and activate impactful campaigns.

While participating in these insightful workshops with clients, I had an epiphany. Perhaps owing to my extensive digital marketing career or years of navigating the online dating scene, I noticed striking parallels between crafting a successful marketing strategy and curating your own brand in an online dating profile—the essence of effective brand positioning, target audience appeal to potential customers, and storytelling.

Ultimately, it boils down to the positioning framework. Our partners at HubSpot define brand positioning as “…the process of positioning your brand in the mind of your customers. More than a tagline or a fancy logo, brand positioning is the strategy used to set your business apart from the rest.”

To understand how to execute strong brand positioning, we take you through the SPARK session. So instead, let’s explore how elements of a SPARK session translate into creating an attention-grabbing, high-quality online dating profile:

  1. Stand out from your competitors: what’s your competitive advantage to the guy or girl next door? What differentiates you from competitors will be memorable and can demonstrate why you (or your brand) are valuable; and worth the time to go out with.
  2. Unique Value proposition: What makes you (or your brand) unique? What are your strengths? Sell these! Just like a brand utilizes various touchpoints, platforms and social media to communicate the brand’s unique value and unique position, use the space available in your online dating profile to convey your core values to drive interest.
  3. Target audience: Just as we do with our clients, you may need a whiteboard for this one… define the characteristics, behaviors, and demographics of your ideal match. Outlining these traits will allow you to position yourself to appeal and attract the mate you’re searching for within your target market.
  4. Brand promise: Now, sum up your brand positioning into a coherent promise or brand persona. This encapsulates your goals, what you offer, and how you wish to present yourself. It’s important to establish consistency in that message and appearance. What are the personality traits you offer? Be sure your brand persona reflects that for a good “customer experience.” For example, if you are often told you’re funny, be sure you have an element of “funny” for prospects to see or read.
  5. Brand voice: With a clear persona, target customer, and how to stand out from the competition, now define how you communicate your brand message. Your brand voice doesn’t change, so consistency is key—whether it’s your online profile or direct interactions, maintain an authentic and consistent brand voice.

So, before diving headfirst into the world of online dating, why not have a mini ‘discovery session’ for yourself? Take a page out of Brown Bag Marketing’s playbook and use a SPARK session to position yourself for dating success!

Now, back to marketing… if your brand’s having a hard time getting a “second date” it may be time for a SPARK session. Contact us today!