Founder’s Story: 10 Years in the Bag

It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago this upcoming Labor Day weekend, I gently shook my very 10 month pregnant wife awake in the middle of the night and told her that I was quitting my job and starting my own company. She murmured “that’s nice honey” and went back to sleep. Much to our surprise, here I am 10 years later, running exactly what it was that I said I was going to do!

There were many reasons I wanted to start Brown Bag Marketing back then, but one goal was clear – I wanted to work at a place where I would personally enjoy the people and work environment. I had many different jobs up to that point and all of them, for the most part, had something good about them. So, I tried to take the good I had experienced and place that into developing my own organization. I surrounded myself with smart, fun and curious people – and exceeded my original goal and expectations.

Ten years ago I never dreamed I would have a full development team on staff, process hundreds of thousands of rebates and rewards and run highly integrated social media programs. I was lucky enough to always stay flexible and be ready to change and adopt as needed. And of course, the outstanding baggers in my agency make it all happen. So I hope you’ll join me and these fine folks in celebrating our October anniversary over the following months. Join often and bring your friends, because we’ll have a fantastic line-up of good times focused on our favorite topics: charity, beer, food, winning, and of course, celebrating!

Building my own agency has not always been fun, and it’s certainly never been easy, but it’s always been an adventure. One that I would do over and over again if given the chance. It’s like having a newborn all over again you have to rely on others, you don’t sleep much and you cry a lot.

And by the way, that unborn baby is now a 10 year old 4th grader who, like Brown Bag Marketing, has grown much faster and bigger than anyone ever expected. It will be fascinating to see where the next 10 years takes both child and company. stay tuned.

Happy Anniversary to us all!

Douglas H. Brown