How Digital Marketing Can Help Solve These Top Challenges for IT Companies & Big Tech

Digital marketing tips and strategies for solving complex tech company problems

As tech and customer expectations change, we have to stay on our toes.

But where do you even begin?

By the time your product is ready for launch, it could be on the verge of becoming obsolete—our answer: effective marketing strategies for IT companies.

As a market leader in providing IT solutions to businesses, you face the constant challenge of evolving tech and customer expectations. To stay ahead of the competition and deliver an exceptional customer experience, you may benefit from a digital marketing agency with robust technical expertise, creative problem-solving and significant partnerships with major players in the digital space.

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Of course, no IT company can be successful without a kicka$$ team of programmers, developers and marketers who will support their goals.

Start by setting up meetings with top managers to present and discuss your plan of action.

To overcome common obstacles, make sure that your company:

  1. Has a tech-savvy, well-supported team of marketers
  2. Recognizes the differences between outdated and forward-thinking attitudes toward digital marketing and technology
  3. Uses soft diplomacy and hard evidence to explain the necessity of digital marketing

The pace of technological change is relentless. With both evolving tech and customer expectations, it can be easy for businesses to fall into a state of “implementation paralysis.”

To make matters worse, the wave of new technologies coming out can feel overwhelming — with so much content about the best way to use each tool. The best place for business owners to start is by understanding what drives value in their product or service.

Here are a few of the biggest hurdles we’ve seen facing IT and tech companies:

Hurdle #1: Keeping IT staff up-to-speed on digital marketing advances

As Moore’s law predicts, computing power will double every 2 years. That’s why it’s important to keep your IT company up-to-date with the latest in digital marketing technology.

For example, many IT companies are finally coming around to the reality of responsive mobile design. They are starting to understand the benefits of optimizing their websites for different devices with tools like mobile-friendly and CSS media queries. Using CSS media queries, IT firms can update sites for any device and optimize their content for specific devices.

Hurdle #2: Lack of leadership and stakeholder commitment

Marketing teams within technology companies are faced with the unique challenge of convincing their upper management that digital marketing channels and tactics are necessary for business growth. Unfortunately, the battle against a technology-based mindset often precedes marketing teams, but the efforts of digital marketers can help the IT company fight these tendencies.

It can be challenging to make it past the C-suite and get upper management on board with digital marketing, but a strong team can present your ideas in an easy-to-understand, digestible way that will make your job easier.

Hurdle #3: Poor communication between IT staff and marketing teams

One of the biggest challenges most businesses face is building a strong connection between digital marketing practitioners and technology teams. Instead of taking a siloed approach to your online presence, you should foster strong communication between your IT team and marketing team.
Also, technology updates should develop with customer needs in mind. Often, the best approach for a team of technical specialists and digital marketing professionals is a mindset working together to build an innovative solution to fit your exact needs.

Here are a few basic ways to improve communication between IT and marketers:

  • Build regular collaboration into your working practices
  • Develop a more flexible working framework, like the agile methodology
  • Provide incentives for innovative collaboration between tech specialists and tactical digital marketers


Another way to get tech specialists and digital marketers to communicate is by hosting regular brainstorming sessions. These sessions allow the 2 groups to focus on ways they can work together to meet the challenges they each face. 

For example, effective communication is vital for teams looking to take their marketing efforts from good to great. Also, bringing everyone together will help to solve pressing technology issues like inadequate bandwidth, insufficient storage and poor customer experience.

Hurdle #4: Creating a single customer view from integrated data

Modern businesses face a dizzying number of issues that they must manage at the same time. Every day, companies spend countless hours updating spreadsheets and maintaining databases, but they don’t have to worry about that with digital marketing that focuses on a single customer view.

What is a single customer view?

A single customer view (SCV) is a tool that can take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Marketers at technology companies face many significant challenges—from driving traffic to their sites, and improving targeting accuracy to measuring marketing performance. Digital marketing gives companies the tools to overcome these challenges. An integrated data system can help businesses create a single view of their customers by combining data from multiple internal systems.

By integrating data from all of your customer touchpoints, you avoid issues such as incomplete or inaccurate data, irrelevant messaging and missed opportunities due to lack of contact with relevant customers.

Data integration is complex. With tools like Microsoft Excel or Google Docs, you can link spreadsheets across your organization, but that’s only the first step. Users still have to manually piece the data together, making it easier for human error to seep in.

Tech companies are always in search of the next innovative idea, but the best way to win over customers is not always about getting on the frontline. Developing a detailed marketing and advertising plan is critical for boosting brand recognition and bringing more products to market.

Overcome your organizational obstacles once and for all

Digital marketing for IT companies makes the lives of in-house tech teams much easier. Expert marketers keep Big Tech firms current by implementing only the best marketing strategies for IT companies.

Does your IT marketing strategy need a revamp? Contact Brown Bag, an innovative Atlanta digital marketing and SEO agency, for help turning your top IT challenges into your biggest strengths.