Dave’s Rave

People are going to ask: Dave – why are you blogging? Why should I read it? What is going to be about? All good questions indeed…. The reality is I have the privilege every day to wake up and work in the fun (yet sometimes frustrating) world of Animal Health. Since I have been in the industry I have seen many changes, learned many things and shared good ideas and insight that have helped some people and the companies they work for.

My goal is to have a fun yet professional blog that will provide industry insight, news, fun facts, events, grooming tips, comic relief and even some thoughts from my 3.5 year old Corgi, Bubble Gum (yes, she has thoughts to share, stay tuned).

Sign up and keep coming back. I really do hope you join me and wind up having as much fun reading it as I will have writing it – It’s going to be a great adventure.