Core Values Recap: Work Hard Play Hard!

I recently came across the term “Passion Disorder.” While others could be confused by this vocabulary, its meaning was quite clear to me because I’ve witnessed this same affliction in every employee I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my nine months at Brown Bag Marketing – and I think it’s contagious.

A couple weeks ago we gathered in our office to observe one of Brown Bag’s favorite traditions, Kickassedness.  For some Baggers this was their 17th Kickassedness celebration, while it was only my first. Historically this day is spent honoring our core values and living out our work hard, play hard culture. It’s safe to say this year measured up!


The Spring 2019 Kickassedness theme was “All Things Derby.” Baggers showed up with some wildly creative team names and costumes. Among them were Kentucky Fried Derby, The Harry Trotters, and The Whip and Neigh Neighs. Teams earned points by participating in different derby games and activities such as Pin the Tail on the Billy Derby, a tribute to our VP of Client Services with a very fortunate last name. A derby hat decorating contest produced some very impressive chapeaus, while others shook up some tasty cocktails in the “Chopped” style Derby Drinks competition that featured a surprise ingredient for every round.


All teams ran a hard race, but in the end, The Whip and Neigh Neighs crossed the finish line in first place.


At every Kickassedness our President recognizes the recipients of our employee-nominated awards. I found it difficult to choose who I thought was most deserving of these awards because in my time at Brown Bag EVERY employee has shown me just how it is that they kick ass everyday – and have inspired me to strive for this same passion and curiosity in my own work and life.

In addition to announcing the winners, Doug reads the kind words that other employees had to say about the recipients. Working in an environment where we take time to recognize and praise the strengths of others is an invaluable aspect to our culture.


I was so surprised and flattered to win “Most Passionate about Their Work.” However, it is really the influence of my fellow Baggers that incites me to embody the same values and grit I witness from them daily. Don’t you wish you could attend our Kickassedness event? Which activity or award would you be going for?