Wow – a lot has changed over the years in this industry hasn’t it? Look at the recent changes alone in just the past month or so: Intervet-Schering Plough is officially Merck Animal Health and Vetstreet has been sold to VCA/Antech. If we look back further, Ft. Dodge is no more, Summit VetPharm is now Ceva and some products that were once only available in vet clinics are now being sold in retail stores (and that’s just in manufacturing – never mind the changing demographic at the Professional level). Some people may find this to be concerning, others it’s just par for the course considering the times we live it. As a marketing partner living in the agency world, I personally find it exciting. It challenges me and my colleagues to push ourselves to come up with fresh ideas, tackle new obstacles and provide solutions to ease uncertainty some companies may feel. These changes keep me sharp and on-point as I try to stay ahead of the curve of what is anticipated next. As good marketers we need to embrace change and push ourselves to always “think.” Change is inevitable but not impossible to live in. Enjoy it!