Celebrating Our Founder (a.k.a. Why our Boss is Better than Yours) Part 1

Note from the Editor:

For the past six months, leading up to our 10th anniversary celebration, we have been giving each month a theme and scheduling events and charity work based on those themes. With this being the final month before our big celebration and with the last theme of “winning” well underway, it’s time to tell the world a little bit about the man who leads us to all these wins. Now, this may include some things that he wouldn’t tell you himself, but that is exactly what makes writing this so much fun!

To us, Doug Brown is more than the president, founder and owner of Brown Bag Marketing – Doug is also our coach, leader and friend.

What’s more, the man is funny. If he had not decided to go into marketing, he might have become a comedy writer along the lines of Dave Barry, PG Wodehouse or the entire staff of The Onion. Add in a little Tony Robbins and just a dash of curmudgeon and there you have Doug, the author of many a motivational e-mail to his team.

To get a better idea of what we’re talking about, this week and next, we will be featuring choice excerpts from some of Doug’s emails to the team. We’ll be switching out emails every couple of days so check back often. Decorum prohibits us from sharing our entire file of this internal correspondence with you – but whether he’s asking us to keep the break room cleaner, giving us instructions on expense reports, taking people to task for adjusting the thermostat or sharing a chart illustrating the do’s and don’ts of office fashion, he makes us laugh. (And yes, in case you were wondering, jaunty hats are a “do.”)

Please enjoy a few choice excerpts from some of Doug’s email correspondences to the team. And as always, “GO TEAM”!!

on the subject of appropriate dress wear


Over the years when the summer winds come blowing in from across the seas, I am usually asked if we can wear certain clothing items and after carefully weighing all of our options, risks and benefits with our internal HR Team, here is our official Brown Bag Marketing 2010 Summer Dress Code Official Policy:




Exceptions to said rule

Shorts Yes if your Daddy would approve. Please use good judgement Only on Fridays and flying the Brown Bag colors is preferred If you personally have a client/partner in the office OR if we have something “big” going on. When in doubt, don’t wear them.
Bikinis/bathing suits No…this one caught me by surprise too but HR was really against this one…you think you know people… N/A If you work in the office over the weekend and there is no A/C.
Hats Yes! Nothing says Klassy with a “K” like a jaunty hat. I came in over the weekend and Mary U had a smart looking hat on and I said to myself, “we need to wear more hats” See “jaunty” request. Must tip hat to each other as you pass in the hall. Remove hats during National Athem and prayer N/A
Clown suits NO! Clowns scare me N/A If you are indeed a real clown but if you are, I will find out and at some point certainly fire you. You have been warned.
Dragon costumes Yes. This one was grandfathered in FickelFest weekend only

See HR if you have any questions and as always, with any question or comment, my office door is always open unless it is closed….



on other various topics and concerns

“…a reminder we don’t use the abbreviation “BBM” externally if at all possible. We use Brown Bag Marketing as first use and then Brown Bag as second use. BBM has always sounded like some sort of stomach virus to me. I know others use BBM, but we want to avoid this.

For the love of God, please stop saying “yes sir” and “no sir” to me. I am not a friend of your parents. I am old but actually at times somewhat “cool” and can drink you and most of your friends under the table and into the basement. You know who you are…”

on the subject of an employee getting hit by a car


Our Young Sara got brave Monday evening and tangled with a car and the car won. This is a much less dramatic and not scary way of saying “she got hit by a car” but dammit, I’ve just typed that so dammit, now it’s out there.

The good news is that she is ok. Bad news is that I am going to kick that car’s ass when I find it. I have Miguel on this as I type.

She is home resting comfortably with a big ole bump on her head. I’ve insisted she take these days off to rest up (she was going to come to work from the emergency room of course) and rest up she will.

Due to her absence (and shitty car fighting experience – hint: kick them in the bumper), we will postpone our previously scheduled “move around” that we had planned for this weekend and move that to next. More details on that on Monday.

YS should be rejoining us soon and until then, you can send her your hugs, kisses and car fighting tips via text.

Go Team!