Celebrating America through Advertising

On July 4, 2017 the United States of America celebrates its 241st birthday. We think it is fair to say that Americans reach for the moon – and landed on it in 1969! Advertisements can be a platform to showcase products, struggles and dreams. So we asked several of our Baggers to share their favorite TV commercials that celebrate America through advertising.

America the Beautiful | Coca Cola
I love this ad because it embodies what America is and should be—a place where a diverse group of people can live amongst each other, learn from each other and most of all–love each others’ differences. It reminds me that together, America is beautiful! – Pauline P.


The New Us: Traverse | Chevrolet
Diversity. Family. Acceptance. Love. These are all qualities of America and characteristics felt in ‘The New Us’ Chevrolet commercial. It’s truly an ad that tugs at your heartstrings and leaves you with that “feel good” feeling. It brings an important message to the forefront and leaves the car as a secondary thought. – Nicole B.

Rock, Paper, Scissors | Android
I love the Android “Rock, Paper, Scissors” ad because it captures the spirit of Americans. It celebrates our diversity, which makes this country beautiful and interesting. And it shows that as a “people” we right wrongs when we see them happening. – Liz F.


Farmer | Ram Trucks
This classic spot from Ram Trucks in 2013 utilizes brilliant photography and a stirring speech from American radio icon, Paul Harvey. The words and images remind us of the importance of hard work, perseverance, faith and family. These values also apply to a lot of our nation’s history and future aspirations. It’s a distinctly American message that reflects millions of personal stories from across the country and still resonates with me today. – Jason K.

Share your favorite print ad, campaign or TV spot that you believe celebrates America through advertising and why!