Celebrating a True Brand Story


I think I speak for everyone at Brown Bag when I say that a branding challenge really energizes us. Turning a brand challenge into market opportunity gives us license to dig in. We get to know the people who are the heart and soul of the company. Sink our teeth into what makes them tick. Understand what it means to use their products every day. Find out how they solve problems.  And once we get it, it’s our job to make sure the rest of the world does too—and that’s when the magic happens.

When Optima Healthcare Solutions came to Brown Bag, the company wasOptima clearly the premier software provider of therapy management software for assisted living and nursing home facilities—countless customers confirmed this. Optima had earned this distinction by doing many things right by their customers. The product is unquestionably more advanced and intuitive than any other in their space. Their customer service team is patient, smart and, above all, helpful.  And their leadership actually leads.

Optima is more than a software company; it’s a group of people who believe in what they do and how they can improve patient care. Somehow its position as an innovator and steward of best practices didn’t connect with the message it was sharing with the market. This isn’t uncommon. As companies go about the business of producing, it’s easy to neglect their most valuable asset—their brand.

Stakeholders also conceded there was a bit of confusion around the product, specifically about its name, which had changed many times during its evolution. While Optima had been busy solving customers’ challenges, they’d unnecessarily overcomplicated things, productizing features along the way.

Armed with customer and influencer insights, we are able to make a simple diagnosis: Optima needed to speak their hearts and their minds. Brown Bag started by simplifying and elevating their brand—from defining the company’s core value and clarifying its product roadmap to modernizing its look and feel. Then we established a content strategy steeped in thought leadership and the unique, genuine culture of the people of Optima. The result? A brand story reflective of the passion, commitment and innovation that serve as the backbone of Optima Healthcare Solutions.