Brown Bag Debuts IoT Dashboard at CES Conference

The International Consumer Electronic Show® (CES) wrapped up it’s 50th conference on January 8th in Las Vegas, Nevada. We were excited to utilize Brown Bag’s data visualization, gamification and development services to showcase some great work our client Flex is doing in the IoT space. At CES, Flex collected data from attendee’s IoT devices and provided real-time results through Brown Bag’s digital dashboard. Brown Bag’s goal was to:

  • Design and build an interactive dashboard that displayed the stats of CES attendees wearing an IoT device
  • Create a leaderboard that updated periodically throughout the event
  • Encourage competition among CES attendees wearing an IoT device

The resulting activation was a video dashboard in the Flex booth that displayed and gamified attendee’s IoT data.

CES Dashboard

Project details:

  • Brown Bag built the dashboard in Angular1 for perceived performance of data updates in real-time and used Foundation for styles
  • The dashboard pulled live stats from IoT devices worn on attendee’s wrists
  • The Leaderboard sorted the data based on who had taken the most steps at the CES Conference and updated every 10 seconds
  • Randomly selected conference attendees were selected to be highlighted on the dashboard
  • Every time the dashboard selected a person, a video would begin playing which highlighted various features of an ideation of a future app interface. Simultaneously a slideshow of app mockups would autoplay to correspond to places in the video. These slideshow images integrated the user data .
  • Brown Bag’s Development team created an algorithm that displayed certain stats and images depending on what Flex video was playing

There was no better place to geek out and have fun than at CES! What was some of your favorite technology displayed at CES this year?