Banking human (or banking more conveniently) with TD Bank

We’re digging the new marketing campaign from TD Bank for their spot-on messaging with “Bank Human”. They aim to apply this humanistic feel throughout multiple, integrated channels both in-store and online.


The professionally-acted video spots will resonate with consumers who have experienced inconvenient bank interactions.

I’m wondering though, how do you really become more human as a bank beyond the convenience touches? Could a bank push itself to provide easier access to helpful humans? Would they gather your unique requirements and provide a personalized banking experience?

TD Bank says they will share customer stories via video feeds in the branches. And there are nice touches, like free coin counting and extended hours. I’m sure some will appreciate free doggie buiscuits for their Fido.

Tell me, do you think these are merely convenience measures or a move to be more human?

I’d love to know, how else could they extend this “human” mandate through a personal banking experience?