App Of The Week: Bump

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Taking photos on the fly is a popular activity in this mobile age. The process of saving these photos to your PC, however, can be a huge headache. You might upload your photos one by one to Facebook or Twitter. Or, perhaps like me, you ever so slowly attach and e-mail the photos to yourself.


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Enter Bump. Since 2008, the Bump app has supplied users with a handy way to route contacts and information from one phone to another by simply bumping them together. But it’s the app’s recent update that has Business Insider and tech critics buzzing. You can now “bump” your photos onto your computer with a swift and smooth motion.


1) Open the Bump app on your phone

2) Select from your image library the photos that you want to transfer to your computer

3) Open up on your desktop browser

4) Tap the space bar with your mobile device




It’s quick. It’s free. It’s magical. So make some memories and Bump it up.