AMMO ATL Mobile Awards Recap

AMA SignIt is hard to believe that until last Tuesday, September 16th, an official awards show for our city’s latest and greatest mobile companies and applications had never taken place. The good news is, it happened and it was exciting and eye-opening. A huge thanks to the Atlanta Mobile Marketing Organization and big shout out to Josh Gertz from Daqri and Kyle Rollins from Mammoth Ideas for coming together to realize the local need and making it happen. Along with Brown Bag Marketing and a few other key sponsors, the inaugural Atlanta Mobile Awards was held at The Loft at Center Stage with 150 of our closest friends and colleagues.


AMA Mobile FlyerMobile has completely changed our lives. Of the 6.8 billion people in the world, studies prove that at least 4 million use a mobile device. And in the U.S. alone, there are 271 million mobile subscribers. Today, things are quicker and easier and we demand convenience over all else. If you consider the things you’ve done today by way of your cell phone or tablet, it might just surprise you. Now think of how those same things would have been different 10 years ago. That’s right, we used to actually walk outside to feel the temperature. We used to read the newspaper to get our morning dose of current events. And we even used to play board games with each other to pass the time. Things have changed, and at Brown Bag, we recognize this and believe in the impact mobile will and has already had on our lives.

Here at the Bag, our goal is to come up with ideas that help our clients replace their everyday norms with more strategic, quick and user-friendly process and experiences. Whether it be mobile, digital, or something a little more traditional, we get excited about meeting new people, developing new material and ensuring we are doing everything we can to help meet our client’s needs. This year’s winners have inspired us – even further – to push on in our quest to create the best work in the city. Congratulations to everyone who competed, especially this year’s AMA winners!

Best Use of Location Based – Woblet
Best Mobile Couponing – Woblet
Biggest Impact – Moxie / Children’s Healthcare Strong 4 Life
Best Startup – mLevel
Best Use for Non Profit – Zookazam
Best Device or Accessory – Monsieur
BIG ATL – Zookazam
Best Use of Social – eboticon
Fan Favorite – Zookazam