Account Based Marketing – Why is it Important Now?

Our world has been turned upside down in a matter of weeks by the COVID-19 pandemic. As societal uncertainty rises, businesses are left to wonder what perseverance looks like during the changes.

The answer for many companies lies in account-based marketing (ABM), a B2B strategy that intentionally targets known or named accounts and operates like each account is an individual market. Generating new business is challenging in these times. Many companies are clenching their wallets out of fear of the unknown. By targeting what is familiar (and known) to companies, ABM allows them to form a more reliable path to success by focusing on lead generation efforts. It’s smarter marketing.

Brown Bag Marketing is well-versed in ABM. Our marketing team understands the value of the model for companies and their clients. And, like marketing in general, we know that ABM can look different depending upon the company, its needs and the accounts the business is looking to reach. Here is our proven four-step approach to ABM.

Establish targeted accounts
Data and analysis establish the specific accounts you need to reach. We’ll comb through your existing data and use it for your benefit.

Create account-specific personas
The way you communicate to each person within these accounts must be pointed and relevant. That’s why we research personas within the market and identify specific needs for each account. For example, how should you speak with a sales director as opposed to how you engage with a human resources specialist? What does each person want to know? We’ll prepare you with specialized, accurate personas.

Spring into action
Once we know how to address each persona within the targeted accounts, we will look at how to engage with them. Which marketing tools are the most relevant to each one? ABM can include content, campaigns or events. We’ll help you decipher which methods are best for your audience.

Measure the success
The best part of ABM? It’s vastly measurable – and often delivers a high ROI because its targeted methods aim to reach a smaller, specific group (or even an individual). Our data scientists will measure and communicate the success and ROI from every campaign.

In the current societal climate (with a growing number of in-person events canceled daily), there’s a huge incentive to push for online events like client webinars, exclusive customer roundtables and online industry summits. Give your clients opportunities to stay engaged with your business and simultaneously grow your relationship with them. While confined in their homes, you can provide them with a snack to munch on (other than the all-too-tempting chips and cookies in the pantry) while they absorb the information you share.

Using effective strategic techniques, Brown Bag Marketing can help your business develop ABM that offers a level of support in uncertain times like these. We’re all in this together – and we are ready to help you. Give us a call to get started!