A Day In The Life…

As we all know, our dogs are a part of our family. Just look around your house, car, etc. You’ll see various toys, treats, food, clothing, blankets, even pictures. We take them for walks so they can be happy; parks so they can play. For most of us, we even feed them healthier food than what we eat at times. Knowing all of this, do you ever just sit back and want to be “them” for a day? Don’t get me wrong, I have a great life and I enjoy it to the fullest. However, I look at how well our dog Bubble Gum has it, and I have to say “WOW!” Let’s look at a day in the life:


  • She’s get’s up with me at 6am and immediately runs downstairs so she can be let out. While she is out there enjoying her morning air, I am in the kitchen making her breakfast so it is waiting for her upon her grand entrance back into the house.
  • After eating her delicious breakfast, she runs to the front door so she can go for her morning walk. We go to her favorite spots, she does her business, I handle clean up and its back home we go.
  • After a nice bowl of water, it’s to the toy box (equipped with 25+ toys) where she plays until exhaustion.
  • Nap time of course is next. She goes down for the count until lunch time
  • She’s get’s up when I make lunch to watch me eat just in case something falls on the floor. After my meal, I let her out back in the yard so she can frolic and play. When ready to come in, she “woofs” and I get up to let her in.
  • Next, nap time take 2. She goes down until about 4pm.
  • 4pm – She wakes up and play with her toys some more.
  • 6pm – Walk number 2 for the day. She hits her favorite spots and tells me where she wants to go (tugging on the leash of course)
  • After her walk, it’s dinner time. More doggy goodness in a bowl!
  • A burp and some water and its back to toy time (As you can see a Bubble Gum favorite.)
  • After a quick nap and a final walk or trip out back, it’s up to bed for her where she has a fresh water bowl awaiting her arrival in our bedroom.
By now, you got the point on how well she has it. Think about it: Someone cooks for her, takes her to her favorite places each and every day, cleans up after her when she does her business, has a large selection of toys and of course, she gets to nap when she feels like it! It’s amazing how well our dogs have it when we sit back and really take it in. Like i said, I have a great life, but I do have to say it’s great to be our dog. A day in the life…I can only imagine!

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