5 Warm Weather Tips for Your Furry Friend


It has been a very long, dark and damp 4 or 5 months up here in the Northeast (NJ to be exact) and like us humans, our canine companions get cabin fever and start itching (no pun intended) to get out and stretch their legs. With the grass growing and bright May skies upon us, no time is better than now to take man’s best friend out and about. But as we put the leash on and take our 4-legged friends out, let’s keep some of those old common sense tips top of mind:

  1. Make sure your furry pal has been to their Veterinarian for a spring/summer check-up. A healthy pet makes for a much happier spring!
  2. It’s Parasiticide season. If you are not following a year round regime, this is the MUST time to start applications. Mosquitos are biting, ticks are hungry and fleas can hop from pet-to-pet. Please be sure to use a flea/tick and heartworm product monthly.
  3. Dogs get thirsty and hot rather quickly. Imagine yourself running around with your own built-on fur jacket…it would get rather toasty. Be sure they have access to shade and fresh drinking water.
  4. When in the car, have a window open or the air conditioning on. Do not ever leave them in the car, unattended, with no access to flowing air. This is a recipe for disaster and we hear too many sad stories each year.
  5. Enjoy your time out just as much as they do! Bad days seem to dissipate quickly when you see the joy on their faces playing a simple game of fetch!

So go ahead…lace up your sneakers, grab their favorite ball and get outside. The nice weather is FINALLY upon us!