4 steps to fix a bad review and gain a brand advocate

Your company or brand has received a bad review, now what? With over 92% of consumers reading online reviews, some negative sentiment is bound to influence your audience. But there’s a way to handle this properly and even build a stronger brand advocate. So, what are the steps to fix a bad review? Around the Bag we like to refer to a 4 step process ironically dubbed L.A.T.E. But don’t be late. The key to these steps is that they are performed thoughtfully and quickly.

fix a bad review


4 Steps to Fix a Bad Review:

  1. Listen

Make sure you understand the problem. Some complaints seem very straightforward, but always clarify. Maybe the consumer was frustrated by additional circumstances or the problem was different than how you interpreted it. Utilize social listening tools to get a macro picture across your brand, competitors and audience. You want to fully understand the problem so it can be fixed effectively and efficiently.

  1. Apologize

Sometimes saying sorry goes a long way. Empathizing with the consumer shows that you are acknowledging the action that frustrated them and are taking ownership of the problem. This is also where you can communicate next steps on finding how to fix the situation.

  1. Think

Take time to assess the problem and evaluate what scale of action is appropriate. Show off your business’s human side. Consider if the consumer has already asked for a way to be redeemed. Have they suggested a solution? Be earnest with your fix and loop in higher ups if necessary.

  1. Execute

Offer an actionable solution to the consumer. Identify who the solution should come from. If it is a larger issue a more authoritative figure could be appropriate. If a solution is going to take longer than expected, communicate the next steps and provide a quantifiable time frame to the consumer. And always follow up after your action to see if you have developed a fan.

Share a time when you’ve had to address a bad review – or a time you gave a bad review. Would these steps have helped your feelings towards the brand or company?